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Michael Chabon. I love you but I also hate you.

Every sentence in this book is breathtakingly perfect. A joy to read. I should be inspired, and I sort of am, but mostly I’m just envious and despairing. Advertisements

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a writer’s room

Writers’ Rooms used to be a weekly column on the Guardian book page: a photograph of a writer’s room and a few paragraphs from the writer about the room and his or her writing routine. I think I was more … Continue reading

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as Alanis Morissette once said

Ironic. As soon as I decide to start this blog and really apply myself to the business of getting published, I find myself mired in the busiest week I’ve had at work since I started this job. I have managed, … Continue reading

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I was nervous getting up this morning, wondering what the response would be to yesterday’s coming out. In addition to the comments there were several emails waiting. Nobody said don’t be silly, you’re not a writer. Lots of people expressed … Continue reading

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Hi, my name is Cathy and I’m a writer

Today was the day I was going to hear I’d won the short story competition. I’d planned how to persuade my manager that I needed time off to fly to the UK to attend the awards ceremony. I’d thought about … Continue reading

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