bedside pile: bottom half


This is a blog post idea I have stolen from my other blog. But it’s a post well suited to this blog, especially when I have nothing to say about my own writing (although we are finally at the end of the school year here in Borneo—hurrah!—with an almost two-month break stretching ahead, during which I’m planning to get back on that writing horse). But in the meantime, let me entertain you with a glimpse at the pile of books waiting to be read on my bedside table. From bottom to top. Yoga Mala is written by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, founder of the Ashtanga school of yoga. I dip in and out of this, but am taking it to India with me next week (I’m going to India next week, bloody hell!!!) when I’ll be spending a month studying Ashtanga at the school that Jois founded. Like many of the books on my bedside table The Interrogative Mood was passed on to me by a colleague (we do a lot of sharing in the land of hardly any bookshops). It’s a book composed entirely of questions that I’m not expecting to enjoy at all and am only planning to read in the most desultory is-this-the-kind-of-crappy-gimmick-you-need-to-get-published-these-days fashion. The Gravedigger’s Daughter has been on my bedside table for years. I did start it once but wasn’t in the mood for Joyce Carol, but I think I will take it to India as my just-in-case-the-Kindle-breaks-down book. Stephen Fry’s The Stars’ Tennis Balls was also passed on to me by a colleague who said he didn’t enjoy it very much and I’m not expecting to enjoy it either. The Woman Who Gave Birth to Her Mother is a brilliant psychotherapy book about mother–daughter relationships and I drew on lots of stuff in here for my first novel. Woolgathering is a cute little hardback of Patti Smith lyrics that I bought at Changi Airport last time I went to Singapore. It was first published in the 1980s, when Patti wasn’t so popular, in a tiny cheap edition, but now that she is in vogue again it’s been picked up by a major publishing house and revamped. It’s got the lyrics of my favourite Patti Smith song Kimberly. Everything is Illuminated was used as packing material in a box of stuff sent to me by a friend who can’t have liked it that much or surely she would have kept it, but I did start it about a month ago (before I was felled by the pressure of work) and I think I will like it. Maybe I’ll take it to India instead of Joyce Carol.

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2 Responses to bedside pile: bottom half

  1. mio says:

    I guess the next posting will be about the upper half of your bedside pile? 🙂 Looking forward to that, too!

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