reasons to be cheerful

ImageWell, two-and-a-half weeks down, ten days to go of my India trip, and hardly any writing done. The reasons?

  • Too busy being a yogi! Not just early morning practice but compulsory chanting classes three times a week (which I’ve grown to quite like) and weekly lectures by our teacher.
  • Too busy socialising with my new yoga pals at all the lovely Mysore cafes (see my other blog for evidence).
  • Being sick. Caught the sore throat/cold/fever that has been going round and was laid up for a day or two. (I know this isn’t strictly a reason to be cheerful but I did enjoy spending a quiet day in bed.)
  • Working on other people’s books! I met someone who has a great book idea and I decided I’m just the person to help them get published. (There’s lots of talk of karma in my current milieu so let’s hope this pays off!)
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