busy in borneo

I am far busier in Borneo than I ever was in Tokyo. Strange but true. Courses, conferences, jungle-trekking, island-hopping, and pool-lounging all have to be fitted in not just around the day job, but around the numerous other little secret side-projects I have going in preparation for the new life that will begin later this year after the current job finishes at the end of September. I can’t share these secret side-projects with you just yet, but I promise to let you know as soon as there are any concrete developments. But basically, as you will have gathered if you’ve been checking this blog regularly, I’ve had hardly any time for my own writing this year. Today though, I managed to enter a short story for a competition. It’s a relatively new story—I wrote it at the end of last year—and I think it still needs work, but I have to keep some kind of momentum going. And when stories I’ve slaved over and crafted to what I believe is perfection get nowhere at all, I think what the hell, I may as well just send it off and see what happens.

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