tropical girl

Today was the first time in about three months I have had a whole day free for writing. Back in Tokyo my weekends were organised with military-style discipline. I would set the alarm for six or seven o’ clock, I would write for four hours in the morning and a few more hours after lunch. I always had a list of tasks I was working my way through: writing, redrafting, editing. I would wake in the morning knowing exactly what I had to do that day. Today I had no idea. I am aimless tropical girl. I checked the deadlines for upcoming competitions. I decided I needed more short stories to enter for those competitions. I wrote a the first paragraph of a short story which is  based on an idea for a novel I’ve had for quite a while. Perhaps I can turn it into a novel once I’ve used it to win a short-story competition. Then I remembered I’d already started a short story a few months ago—too bad; I’ll come back to it later. Then I spent a while stalking random people on Facebook. I had a long lunch while watching Millionaire Matchmaker. I wrote another paragraph of the new short story. I have no idea where it’s going. I had a nap. And then I decided my writing day was over. Still. It’s a start.

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