keep your distance

I’m actually getting back on an even keel. The manic busy-ness of the last few months has subsided, and I’ve actually just spent almost the whole weekend writing! What a novelty. I’m working on a memoir piece for a competition and although I haven’t really written anything in the memoir genre before, I’m quite enjoying it. The trick, I think, is to find a way of putting some distance between yourself and the truth. Because it has to be true. But writing truths about yourself and your life in the first person can just be too painful sometimes. I’m finding the second person a good vehicle for looking at things.

I’ve even had time to read some books lately. Got a few book reviews in my head which I shall try and treat you to at some point this week. In the absence of anything better to talk about of course . . . still no news from agents submitted to or competitions entered. 

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2 Responses to keep your distance

  1. Margaret Marks says:

    All sounds very positive,Cathy!

  2. cathy says:

    Thanks, Margaret x

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