rejected but not dejected

Back in January I found out that a publisher to whom I had submitted a novel had sent the novel to be looked at by an official “reader,” which seemed like a positive development. Today, the publisher finally got in touch . . . with a standard rejection email. Funnily enough, I wasn’t upset. In fact I was almost happy about it. It’s been so long since I’ve had any  feedback from anyone: competition jury, publisher, agent . . . all my recent submissions have been completely ignored, which I think has been subtly wearing away at my self-confidence. So just to get some kind of recognition was nice. And although it was a form rejection (i.e., a standard reply that they send out to all rejected authors) it was a thoughtfully and encouragingly worded one:

Dear Cathy,
I am very sorry to disappoint you with a rejection. As a writer myself I know how bad it feels to receive one. The market is fiercely competitive, more so than ever with household names and thrillers grabbing all the readers. At Linen Press we only take on a few books a year and we must feel absolutely certain and passionate about the ones we accept. 
We wish you luck in placing your work elsewhere. Don’t give up.
OK then. I won’t.
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