Do you have a favourite word? For me, favourite words are like favourite books or favourite songs, they change over time. Right now my favourite word is arboretum, because it sounds nice and it conjures up  exotic, well-tended greenery (which is in short supply here in the most expensive city in the world). The word is in my head a lot at the moment because at work this week I’m in the process of acquiring a children’s book about a little Japanese bonsai that was tended by the same Japanese family for 300 years, surviving the atomic blast at Hiroshima before being donated to the National Arboretum in Washington DC. It is also the title of a song I’m very fond of.

Today was the first time I looked at my blog stats to see a big fat 0 for recent numbers of readers. I don’t blame you. But I’d love a slew of comments now from people all eager to share their favourite word.

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2 Responses to arboretum

  1. I really can’t think of a favourite word, but that book sounds so lovely! I wonder why the bonsai is in the US though and not back in Hiroshima?

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